With over half of equipment failures in some industries attributed to improper lubrication, it makes sound economic sense to invest in and maintain effetive systems and procedures.

NLS is one of Australia's key suppliers and installers of automated, single point and manual lubrication systems for fixed and mobile plant.

The benefits of automated lubrication have long been realised by the major corporations operating in the toughest of Australian environtments.  They include:

  • Fewer breakdowns and less downtime
  • Lower costs for spare parts and lubricants
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Increased productivity

NLS is a trusted supplier and installer for the leading brands of lubrication equipment.  The company's service technicians are trained to the highest standards, and have vast experience in the design, installation and servicing of all types of automatic lubrication systems.

As an additional service, NLS undertakes comprehensive on-site inspections of fixed and mobile plant, providing detailed service reports which enable customers to better manage the routine lubrication requirements of their equipment.