Fire Suppression

Protecting key specialist equipment from being damaged or disabled by fire is a key requirement where safety is paramount, and productivity reliant on uninterupted operation.

Risks from energy sources (heat, fuel, electrical) are present in many industrail environments.  Wise operations implement strategies to improve the safety of their workforce, and to protect themselves from the inevitable downtime and loss that results from fire events.

NLS has established an industry-wide reputation for excellence in the field of deisgned and installation of fire suppresions systems for electrical or diesel powered mobile industrial plant, and other applications such as generation and control equipment.

Leveraging on the technical expertise of the company's workshop team, and the relationship with leading equiment manufactureres, NLS tailors safe and effective industrial fire suppression systems to fit almost any industrial plant.

NLS provides a full design service to customers, and can retrofit to equipment that is already in use, as well as facilitating the integration of fire suppression into new and planned equipment acquisitions.  In the event of discharge, NLS technicians are on hand to reinstate full protection.